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Marlin L. Vortman began his professional career with the systems engineering division of the Boeing Company's Developmental Center. He later worked for a local mechanical engineering firm before accepting a commission in the US Army in 1966.

In the early 70's, Marlin worked with Washington Governor Daniel J. Evans to revise the state's tax structure. He advised the Washington State Legislature's House Republican Caucus and was later assistant legal counsel to the Senate Republican Caucus.

Marlin began his legal career defending small businesses who were being sued because of a product they manufactured or a service they provided. Marlin then worked for ten years with one of Seattle's foremost real estate attorneys, representing local real estate professionals and their Multiple Listing Service. Marlin went on to develop his own general business practice serving closely held business, trade associations, medical and other professionals.

Although Marlin still practices real estate law, he generally serves as counsel for businesses that are not large enough to have in house counsel. He also represents individuals in their business, personal and estate planning matters. Because many of his clients are family owned businesses, Marlin devotes a significant part of his practice to estate planning.

Born in Seattle, Marlin is a 1960 graduate of Ballard High School. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. After his military service, Marlin went on to obtain his Juris Doctor degree with distinction, as a 1974 charter graduate of the former University of Puget Sound School of Law, now the Seattle University School of Law.

Marlin resides in Seattle. He is a member of the American Bar Association, the Washington State Bar Association, and the King County Bar Association.

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